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Ashburn Tutor Services

    Ashburn Tutors provides private one-on-one, in-home instruction to students K-12, college students, and adults. Many of our students have straight A's and have hired our tutors to maintain their "A" average. Others hire us to help with homework and difficulties in certain subject areas such as reading or math.

    Ashburn Tutors, LLC provides the following types of instruction: reading comprehension, systematic phonics, letter-sound relationships, reading fluency, spelling rules, vocabulary, written expression, penmanship, cursive writing, math concepts/skills including mastery of multiplication tables, elementary math through pre-calculus, AP courses, homework help, study skills, Virginia SOL preparation, and writing college essays & applications.

     We will match your student's needs with a quality educator. We do ask that parents commit to at least a once-a-week scheduled time until the end of the school year in June. We do not ask parents to sign up for a package nor do we require prepayment of services a month or more in advance.

Children Learning to Read

     Children as young as 5 years old (entering Kindergarten) can begin learning to read by using SYSTEMATIC PHONICS, the only proven method for learning to read. All children should be learning the sounds of the letters and the vowel team combinations; however, most schools teach the memorization of words...this often leads to poor reading, poor comprehension, poor spelling, poor writing, and low self-confidence. And LOW DRA scores!

      Elementary and Middle school students with poor reading skills can improve with SYSTEMATIC PHONICS. Mary Beth and Dave Burke of Ashburn Tutors, LLC & Leesburg Tutors offer private, one-on-one instruction for children and adults with dramatic results. Breaking the bad habits of memorizing phonetic and sight words is often the first step by learning the short and long sounds of the vowels. Next, students learn various combinations of vowel teams followed by two, three, four, and five syllable words. We do not emphasize reading fluency. Many students that read slowly and choppy are often the best at comprehending the subject matter or reading material.

     In addition, we also check basic visual skills that often affect reading. Many students over the past few decades have been labeled learning disabled only to discover years later they had a vision-related learning or reading problem that can be addressed by a Developmental Optometrist.

     With private one-on-one reading instruction, your student can make great gains and this new knowledge can be applied to spelling (yes, spelling rules should be taught) and writing skills.

Adult Reading

    Ashburn Tutors provides private one-on-one reading instruction to adults in their home or library. We teach adults how to read using intensive, systematic phonics. We do not use any unproven methods such as whole language, balanced literacy, or whole sound. We are patient and encouraging with all our adult students.

Reading Level Assessments

     Find out at what level your child/teen reads. Improve those DRA reading scores! A Reading Level Assessment
(now $299.99).  can help pinpoint areas of difficulty that are preventing a student from reaching their potential in reading and comprehension. Assessments take about an hour to two hours to conduct by Dave or Mary Beth Burke. Written reports are either emailed or mailed to parents that may be used for personal records, IEP meetings, or with school staff in better meeting the needs of the student.

Homeschool Evaluations

    Homeschool evaluations are offered beginning in early January - July 31st of the school year. Please email us at: for current prices and availability. Evaluations take approximately 30 minutes per student and come with a detailed written report that may be submitted to your local public school or kept for your records.

Locations Served

   Ashburn Tutors offers private in-home tutoring to the following locations:

   Ashburn, Ashburn Farms, Ashburn Village, Beacon Hill, Brambleton, Broadlands, Lansdowne, Leesburg, River Creek.