Ashburn Tutors

      Ashburn, Broadlands, Leesburg:

Elementary - High School Tutoring:  

               $65 per 45-minute session per week * ( min. 1 session per week required)
               $75 per 1 hour session per week * (min. 1 session per week required)                                                                          
$85 per hour for 1 session in a two week cycle​                                                                                                              ~ Every 15 minutes after 1 hour = $18.75

     Cancellations:  24-hour notice is required for cancelled session(s) to assigned tutor. If tutor arrives at                    client's home and client is not available for assigned session, client will be charged the regular rate per                  session time (45 minutes or 1 hour) on a VISA/MasterCard for the missed session. Tutor is only required to            wait 5 minutes at client's home. 

      *** Please note:   For Thanksgiving, Christmas/Winter, and Easter/Spring Breaks:

      Minimum sessions mean once per week while school is in session.  For example, in November, Thanksgiving         is in the second week of a cycle. We will only require 1 session for that two-week cycle; however in December       school is out typically on a Thursday thus we will still require families to have 2 sessions for that two-week           cycle.           ​​

Current Rates

Leesburg Tutors and Ashburn Tutors offer one-on-one, in-home private instruction with qualified tutors most of whom live in the Ashburn & Leesburg areas of Loudoun County. Leesburg Tutors is owned and operated by Ashburn Tutors, LLC and run by Mary Beth and Dave Burke. Tutors can assist students in homework help, math, science, social studies, civics, biology, chemistry, government, all elementary subjects, college courses, SOL's, reading comprehension, Phonics, adults learning to read for the first time, children with reading problems, children with learning problems, writing, spelling, spelling rules, and more. 

Private Tutoring in Your Home!

 Reading Level Assessment:  $299.99 per student, K - 6; Detailed written report provided. Testing takes about                                                           1-1.5 hours. Informal vision test included if needed. Conducted by Dave or Mary                                                           Beth Burke, each with an M.S. in Reading Education & 20+years experience.                                                                   Improve your child's DRA score in reading now! 

Homeschool Evaluations:  Please email us for current rates and information packet

NO registration fees, NO up-front costs,  NO placement fees, & NO diagnostic test charges.

Payment Methods:  Visa & MasterCard; Clients are billed every two weeks.