​                                                                                     Children Learning to Read

        Children as young as 5 years old (entering Kindergarten) can begin learning to read by using SYSTEMATIC PHONICS, the only proven method for learning to read. All children should be learning the sounds of the letters and the vowel team combinations; however, most schools teach the memorization of words. This often leads to poor reading, poor comprehension, poor spelling, poor writing, and low self-confidence.

        Elementary and middle school students with poor reading skills can improve with SYSTEMATIC PHONICS. Mary Beth and Dave Burke of Ashburn Tutors, LLC & Leesburg Tutors offer private, one-on-one instruction for children and adults with dramatic results. Breaking the bad habits of memorizing phonetic and sight words is often the first step by learning the short and long sounds of the vowels. Next, students learn various combinations of vowel teams followed by two, three, four, and five syllable words. We do not emphasize reading fluency. Many students that read slowly and choppy are often the best at comprehending the subject matter or reading material.

        In addition, we also check basic visual skills that often affect reading. Many students over the past few decades have been labeled learning disabled only to discover years later they had a vision-related learning or reading problem that can be addressed by a Developmental Optometrist.

        With private one-on-one reading instruction, your student can make great gains and this new knowledge can be applied to spelling (yes, spelling rules should be taught) and writing skills.

                                                                Spelling Rules and Phonics

        Does it amaze you when your son or daughter comes home with a writing assignment with a nice happy face at the top or a grade of an "A" and yet you see all these spelling mistakes with no corrections? Folks, this has been going on for at least twenty years now. Not only are children "not" learning phonics in K-3, many schools have dropped spelling rules in favor of new age theories. "I" before "E" except after "C" - remember that one? It works! But no, schools are listening to university professors who think they know how to teach spelling a better way. Let's see! If I received a Ph.D. in education from a major university I too might be enticed to write a book on a new way to read or spell. Why not? Publish a book, jump on the speaking circuit with all the public schools, become an icon to the teachers and administrators and, while I am at it, ruin the way kids should be learning.

        If the schools won't teach spelling rules, make your kids learn them on their own. They can be found on the internet. INSIST your children spell words correctly. If not, they will have a very difficult time in middle school, high school, college, graduate school, and in their jobs with all the writing assignments they will be faced with.

        PARENTS PLEASE... Make your children learn basic spelling rules. Send those perfect little papers with the cute colored drawings back to the teacher telling him or her to correct the spelling. Don't buy into the part where they tell you "We want to encourage their creativity." Every parent visiting the hallways of your school will see the work your child has produced and wonder why "Wednesday" is spelled "Wnsday" or "School" is "skuul".

        REMEMBER! It's not your child's fault they can't spell. It's the school system's fault and the supervisors that allow these ridiculous spelling programs to exist in the first place

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Improve Your Child's DRA Reading Level Score!

     How?  Systematic Phonics! 

     We teach children and adults how to read by learning how to sound out vowels, consonants, consonant blends, double vowel sounds (ai, ou, au) and then move into two, three, four, and five syllable words. This is the best way to teach anyone how to read. As a result, spelling and writing skills also improve. 

     We can take a non-reader and in a few short weeks have them reading basic words and sentences. 

     We offer students in first - sixth grades a comprehensive Reading Evaluation for $299.99

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